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Gadgets under 1000 Rupees

What's up, guys? I'm back with new gadgets & this time, I will talk about Cool gadgets which you can buy easily & it's all under Rs.1000, so it means that, it will under your budget.

So with out much talk, let's get started : -

Mobile Phone Cooling

Mobile Phone Cooler

Goes up so first product on our list is the mobile phone cooling fan now this has suction cups on the back and can easily attach to the back of your phone from where your phone will usually get heated up this fan will throw air directly onto your phone.

Dissipate the heat especially if your phone gets hot during playing games the fan is powered by a usb cable and also includes a micro usb to usb OTG adapter that will allow you to directly plug into your phone.

If you have a micro usb port and charge the fan or run the fan directly from your phone's battery you can also use a usb C to usb a OTG cable and that will allow you to run this fan directly from your phone. If your phone has a usb C port a pretty nifty accessory and costs only 350 rupees definitely go check this out.

USB Car Charger

The next product on our list is this car usb charger now this is a 36 watt fast charging car charger and it costs 449 rupees this has three usb ports two usb a ports one of which does support a QC3 and then you also have a usb C port so you can plug in whatever cable you have or whatever cable came with your phone.

It plugs in directly into a 12 volt lighter socket on your car and can convert that into multiple usb ports and the charger itself contains lots of protections things like over current over voltage protection and a short circuit protection a pretty cool accessory for just 449 rupees definitely go check this out.

mini light lamp

Night Lamp

Next product on our list is this compact rechargeable night lamp that has gesture controls priced at Rs.999 this compact light can run as a natural colored light and you can also increase or decrease the brightness. Now how you turn this on or off is just by simply waving your hand over the light.

So there is no touch required you also have a RGB mode in which it will cycle through colors and you can also manually hold on a single color if that's what you want with this light now this is rated for about 12 hours of use on just battery a pretty cool night lamp to have especially because of the RGB capabilities and the gesture controls go check this out.

Multi Tool

Multi Tool

Next up on our list is the amazon basics multi-tool now this is a pretty cool accessory and has a whole bunch of tools in it more importantly it is really well built and it does come with a carry case. It's priced at about 790 rupees at the time of making this Post, but these tools can come in handy especially if you have a bike or enjoy doing any work.

It has a whole bunch of tools including needle nose pliers and regular pliers in the same design and then you also have a wire cutter you also get a phillips screwdriver a file a bottle opener and also a slot screwdriver which is a flat screwdriver you also have a rope cutter which can also be used as a seat belt cutter.

If you keep this tool in your car and then you also have a saw and a knife so pretty much everything that you need to survive, is basically in this 11 in one multi tool go check it out. If you're looking for something like this it's also a good gift for someone.

Wireless Numpad

Wireless Numpad

Next up on our list for a price of 599 is this wireless numpad now this does come with a nano receiver so you can simply plug it into a usb port on your laptop or even your desktop if you need an additional numpad and especially for people who do a lot of document processing or do a lot of number crunching.

If you're studying a numpad can come in handy for that as well most laptops nowadays even desktops if you own a MAC it usually comes without a numpad keyboard so this is definitely something that can come in handy for that. It does have a water resistant surface and other key caps and the mechanism is pretty nice.

It's tactile it is powered by a single AAA battery and you can connect it like I said using a micro receiver into any device that has a usb port pretty cool accessory definitely go check this out.

RGB Mousepad

RGB Mousepad

Now next up on our list is this RGB gaming mouse pad now this is a large size mouse pad 800 millimeters by 300 millimeters and it is pretty thick at 4 mm so it's got a nice surface and is a really good mouse pad to use for gaming but more importantly it also has RGB lights so it does have an edge which is completely RGB.

And you can switch between multiple lights you can also have a static color and it has a bunch of LED modes you do have a rubber base so it's non-slip and you can control all the lights directly from the button, that is on the mouse pad so you don't need any additional software on your pc to run the RGB on this.

Because it's big it is both for keyboard and mouse and it's more like a desk mat versus just a gaming mouse pad and Oh with the size it's quite comfortable and the RGB lights are quite bright and vivid and lots of modes to choose from.



Now next up on our list is another desk accessory for 499 rupees is this pen holder speaker RGB lamp it's a pen holder first and foremost so you can pop in your pens or any kind of stationery on it but it is also a speaker with a 3 watt power and it's a pretty nice sounding speaker for the price.

It also has a micro sd card slot and a USB reader so you can plug in a pen drive to play you also have auxiliary in and bluetooth and it also has an inbuilt microphone so if you want to take and end calls from this you can do that as well for a price of Rs.499.
,br> It's a pretty good accessory and does a bunch of things and can help you clear up the mess on your desk.

digital bag

Digital Origination bag

Next up on our list is this organization bag now we've shown a variation of this in the past but this one is priced at 380 rupees and basically will help you organize your cables your gadgets into a nice neat little pouch for this price it really does organize.

Then it is padded so anything that you put in this will be protected well definitely something that everyone with a lot of gadgets and accessories should have and this is something that is not priced too high as well definitely go check this out.

laptop stand

Laptop Stand

Next up on our list is something that I found really cool it is a laptop stand that is basically stuck onto the bottom of your laptop it's made out of aluminum and it has two height modes as well as additional silicone pads that can be attached to your laptop.

So if you increase the height of your laptop the front of the laptop sits on the silicone pads and not directly on the desk like I said it has two height modes so you can get a really high angle, if you want to type for a long period of time or you can get a slightly smaller angle if you are doing some quick work it's pretty cool.

It is extremely sturdy and can hold up to 17 inch laptops and is attached via 3m adhesive on the bottom of your laptop and when you are not using it you can simply fold it away and place your laptop back in a bag.

It will continue to stay there it does add additional grip thanks to the silicone pads on both the stand as well as the ones that you stick on directly onto your laptop.

A pretty cool accessory especially if you're working from home a lot this will help you get some ergonomics in there or something that I truly recommend go check this out.

USB C To C Cable

USB C To C Cable

Now next up on our list is uh this usb C to usb C cable now a lot of people are looking for high wattage usb C cables and this one supports up to 60 watts which is why we're recommending it it costs 499 rupees so it does support all of the fast charging mechanisms from several companies.

It will also work with certain laptops that do take usbc charging but up to 60 watts so definitely a product that is useful in today's day and age.

Pocket power bank

Pocket Power Bank

And if you do end up buying our bonus item on this Post this will also come in handy for that speaking of which it's time for the bonus item which is the pocket power bank this has a 10,000 milliamp hours battery but more importantly it has a usb C pd output which gives power delivery of up to 22.5 watts.

This is especially useful for DSLR cameras that can support usb C charging or any other device that does support fast charging nowadays it also works with the new iphones and the usb C to lightning cable included with the iphones will deliver up to 20 watts of charging on the iphone & it's priced at Rs.1099 Only.

That's my list with the honorable mentions. What's your favorite item from the list, just let us know in comment section. Till then, take care & have a nice day. .

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