Top 10 gadgets you can buy from Amazon

Top 10 gadgets you can buy from Amazon

In this post, I’m going over the top 10 cool gadgets on amazon for your room. Make sure to read the whole post, because you don’t want to miss one of the most amazing tech gadgets I’ve ever seen. As always links to all products in this post are in the description below.

Levitating Moon Light

Levitating Moon Light What is more like you’re in space than anti-gravity? This lamp is the trippy, unique item to take any room to the next level. The base is a classy wood that makes the whole thing feel even more high end. Once you have everything ready and the base plugged in, you hold the moon over the base to find the venter point and, like something out of science fiction, it just floats there, gently spinning with a soft glow.

You have to keep metal objects and magnets away since the anti-gravity works through magnets. One gentle tap to the base turns the light on. For science and space lovers, you have to get this.

Anywhere Fireplace Lexington

Taple Top Ethanol Fireplace, What is more cozy than curling up by a fire on a cold winter day? If you’re one of the millions of people that doesn’t have a fireplace in their apartment, condo, or home, this is for you.

It’s a fireplace that literally sits on your table top. It says it in the name - it’s an anywhere fireplace. You don’t need venting, a gas line or plugs, even for indoor use. And there’s no smoke or odor, so don’t worry about getting that security deposit back. This is the perfect accent to any room.

They also have a variety of models with different sizes, shapes and styles. Some even mount to the wall if you’re worried about pets getting too close.

Flikr Fireplace

Flikr Fireplace

Rubbing Alcohol Tabletop Fire Pit. If you want even more access to a fireplace, check out this portable fireplace. This tiny concrete fire pit is like the mini-version of your favorite outdoor version. There won’t be any soot, and because it’s fueled by rubbing alcohol, you won’t notice a smell and there isn’t any carbon monoxide. So, say you have a date.

Take your Flikr Fireplace, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and ingredients for smores. You’ll have a unique chance to toast some marshmallows anywhere, even indoors. That means you can bring the cozy warmth of a fire to any event, party, home, anywhere, without a large footprint or expensive fuel.

UV Smartphone Sanitizer

UV Smartphone Sanitizer Especially during the last few months, we’re all thinking about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from getting sick. But how often do you clean your phone? It goes with you everywhere and there’s no good way to clean it - until now.

This UV sanitizer completely changes the game but totally encasing your phone in UV-C light. You can even charge your phone while you do it. The germicidal UV-C light completely sanitizes your entire phone, killing 99.99% of all the bacteria and germs that are on it from the day.

It’s even been proven to kill the bacteria and germs that cause staph infections, E. coli, Salmonella and more. If you want to make sure your phone isn’t a possible way for you to get sick, you need this gadget.

NFL Electric Football

Alright sports fans, this one is for you. If you love your old football table, this is the upgrade you need. The remote allows you to control the players and all the players have new Invisible cleat technology. Like magic, they glide over the board, playing by your rules and your plays.

It’s easy enough that even younger football fans can play, but adults will love it, too. Whether you’re playing by yourself or challenging your friends to a game, you’ll love this table top electric football game.

Liquid Tiles

The Art 3d sensory tiles are perfect for any kid’s room. These colorful, fun tiles have a slip-resistant backing and anti-skid surface, so they will be safe for any amount of play. For any play room, kids room, living room, or play space, these are the sensory tiles your child needs to take their cognitive development one step further.

These are made free of harmful chemical and meet the environmental standards of both the EU and the US. But really, the coolest part is they are high-impact, colorful ways to help your little one learn numbers, colors, or just have a crazy dance party.

All-in-One super controller

The Tap Strap 2 is a wearable keyboard, mouse and air gesture controller. If you’re a tech junky with a half dozen devices on you at all time, this will quickly be your favorite gadget. This allows you to control your devices with simple gestures, even if you aren’t touching them.

So for giving a presentation off of your tablet or simply showing off to your friends, this is the perfect addition to your tech collection. It also lets you type by tapping on any surface, so you don’t need to bring a Bluetooth keyboard or a stylus with you. This will turn any iPad into the most portable computer system you’ve ever experienced.

Magnet Data Cable Desktop Organizers

With all kinds of devices in our lives, the cords can get tangled up and then you spend your precious time searching for the right cord instead of enjoying your tech. Not any more with the Philo next Magnet Data Cable desktop organizers.

These elegant solutions for your desktop tangle are easy to use and will keep it all organized, rather than a messy tangle of cords. You simply open up the magnetic organizer and fit your cord in the groove.

Leave it on and you can organize your work area easily and quickly by placing them on whichever magnetic surface you like. They even come with a small wood-covered magnetic strip to help you with your desk organizing.

Syfer Smart VPN Router

If you are one of the millions who are now working remotely from home, pay attention to the Syfer Smart VPN Router. This one device protects your home network from invasive data collection, cyber threats, and cyber criminals.

If you have kids that are going to be spending a lot of the school year learning from home, this also gives you powerful and easy-to-setup parental controls. The built-in AI in the Syfer will give you enhanced security for your smart home and you can even shut down those annoying ads and trackers.

With this one simple device, you can protect your entire home from any threat while also giving you some perks that make using it a breeze.

Canvas II wireless photo frame

If you’re an art lover, this needs to be your next purchase. Do you ever feel like you pick a piece of art to hang in your room that you quickly get tired of? The Meural Canvas II Smart Art Frame is the solution. The smart frame allows you to change your mind on your statement piece as often as you want. You can choose from the classics, your own photos, even your kid’s drawings.

It also has simple, modern wooden frame that will match any decor. And the display is amazing. Every picture it shows looks clear and detailed. Plus the swivel mount allows you to even change your mind on how you hang your piece. If you like this tech, check out this next post for more from Wonder Tech.

That's my list with the honorable mentions. What are your favorite gadgets of the year. As mentioned, please don't argue with me, do drop them in the comments below. We can all still be friends.

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