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Top 5 Innovation of this week

Hello guys, welcome to our post, today we will talk about top innovation of this week. Technology has been one so far & now we have amazing gadgets around, so in this post, we will see, some of top 5 innovative gadgets.

Smart gadgets have become incredibly popular in recent years they help to make our lives substantially easier and are often quite affordable.

So with out much talking, lets get's started : -

Tapplock lite

Tapplock Lite

We're proud to introduce tapplock and tapplock lite, the world's smartest a locks tapplock and tapplock light need no key, no combination code and no phone to access them instead using a cutting-edge encrypted fingerprint sensor create a POW log for the modern age.

We believe a log should always be functional and provides you as a quick easy access whenever you need it, there's nothing to remember and nothing you can lose it uses the one thing you always have with you your unique fingerprint.

Tapplock can also double as a phone charger so you'll never be stranded without power but what about the times when you need to share in control.

Tapplock is designed to keep unwanted guests out it, has a built-in alarm that will activate if the is cut or if someone without authorization tries to open it.

So wherever you decide they use your tapplock or tapplock light you can feel confident that your valuables are secure and that accessing them will be quick and easy.

Tapplock has a lithium ion battery that can last up to three years on one charge and it gives you the option of accessing your through your phone using bluetooth 4.1 alpha flight, was designed with travelers in mind so we made it small lightweight and secure.

It's equipped with a replaceable battery that can last up to six months it's also water-resistant so you don't need to worry about it being damaged by rain or snow.



Introducing wearbuds the world's first on wrist charging, true wireless earbuds the innovative design allows you to charge your earbuds on-the-go without a case, they are securely stored on your wrist ready for whenever you need them.

It was a great challenge to make these earbuds as small as possible, while still giving them a great battery life they also had to be specially designed to fit perfectly into the wristband drawn from industry giants.

The experts on the product team have a wide range of specialties and are dedicated to bringing wearbuds to life. More than two hundred eighty-five prototypes were built and tested before the team, finally got a result they were satisfied with the reinvented.

Band not only stores and chair now once and for all sound quality matters with an advanced qualcomm smart audio chipset and fine-tuned graphing augmented dynamic drivers wearbuds guarantee exceptional audio and immerse you in a stunning soundscape wherever you go you can pop out either earbud to make hands-free phone calls easy and fast.

move it punching bag

Move It Punching Bag

The Move It Speed Smart Reflex Punching Bag is great for working on improving your punching coordination and speed. The movement of the bag is rhythmic, allowing the fighter to time the punches perfectly.

The app that accompanies it is great at keeping you coming back for mare as you try to improve your scores. This bag is all about coordination, speed and accuracy of your punches.

It's recommend about chest height once you set it correctly you should be able to hit just the ball and just practice particular movement, it is a little bit hard to do combinations with this ball because it does move around a lot but in terms of just being able to do freestyle whatever you get a couple of minutes.

Different combinations generally ones that's in the ball going back that way as opposed to a side way so once it starts going sideways it is a little bit tricky.

But you will getting used to it so that's sort of the mechanics of it how it works you will pretty happy with it you can't move around the ball as well so you can move around as you're working on it.

It's better you you're at it the higher school so the aim is to try and get hundred a score 100 which was challenging and interesting at the same time.

So it makes you want to keep doing it because you want to try and get that you know perfect school and then there's game mode and game mode basically just there's the first game that we have played.

There is just freestyle just smashing it from different angles, different positions it records all the punches how hard you hit, how many times you've hit, how often you hit, the right, left, center and that gives you a score at the end again it's great because you it encourages you to keep going try again and beat your score.

I track

I Track

In brand condor cycles have guided the design that now delivers genius tech energy efficiency and affordability, I track it gives you all year round peace of mind you know where your bike is, at all times everyone's been looking for a solution like I track it. .

For years bike theft is seen as a part of everyday city life, I track it can finally help change this it's power efficient to same insight racket lasts up to a year without recharging, growth in global cycling is off the scale but so is bike crime in the UK alone.

One bike is stolen every six minutes all day, every day of the year once they're gone they're gone we never see our beautiful machines again, there are tracking devices out there but they're either too complicated too expensive or both after months of testing, we finally nailed the time and our team are excited to bring you I track.

It the world's first Cova urban tracker that fits inside every bike frame packed with sensors and hidden safely inside your bike's frame. I track it pairs with your phone, touch police resources and the lack of crime data mean in the UK 9 out of 10 cycle thefts are never investigated.

I track it radically changes all that allowing you to bribe the police with real-time data about the location of your buck, even though we're trackers are fitted there in the handlebars, seat posts and top caps and they're too easily removed we've always wanted a tracker that can be fitted within the frame.

we've landed the prototypes in their genius and now we need your support to help us bring high traffic safely to the world so join us keep your bike safeet market, here we go.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo switches already almost three years old and has gained an impressive game library as well as sold really really really well this which has managed to bring console level games to the portable world, the likes of which we've never seen before this is a really cool console.

I do think it's worth talking about especially, because there is some competition in the market now also from Nintendo being the Nintendo switched light. The switch light is the switch but colorful.

Also it can't connect to your TV, if you're maybe considering a switch over a ps4 or Xbox one, buy the switch both PlayStation and Xbox are gonna be releasing new consoles at the end of the year.

It only does it have great single-player games it also has multiplayer games something that PlayStation and Xbox isn't really good with at least local multiplayer like Super Smash Brother,s you can have up to eight players which is absolutely insane.

If you have any suggestion or want to include any products in our next top list, then just do comment, we will review it & can mention in our next top tech & innovation gadgets list.

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