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Top Cool Survival Gadgets

What's up, guys? I'm back with new gadgets & this time, I will talk about survival gadgets. If you are going for camping or trekking or hiking, this gadgets can useful for you.

So with out much talk, let's get started : -

Life Bivy

Life Bivy

Life Bivy perhaps the greatest danger a person can face away from civilization is not wild animals but freezing cold a sudden drop in temperature and extreme cold often cause trouble in the wild that's why you always need to think ahead or keep an invention called the life bivy at hand.

All the more so because it won't take up much space this is an amazing sleeping bag from go time gear the outer surface is dense it repels water and protects you from the wind the inside reflects up to 90 percent of the heat of the human body.

The bag is made of very durable and puncture resistant material too, the bright orange color will attract attention if you get lost but that's not all at one end.

Life Bivy has a whistle attached to it which you can use if you need to call for help it's attached using a paracord string when unfolded it measures 2.1 meters long and 0.9 meters wide. The length of the bundle doesn't exceed 10 centimeters weighing only 113 grams the price is 20 dollars.

Muzen Wild Mini

Muzen Wild Mini

Not everyone leaves the city to enjoy the landscapes and listen exclusively to the sounds of nature, some people want to hear their favorite absolutely everywhere, which makes the Muzen wild mini the perfect device for them this tiny gadget is a portable very durable and sturdy speaker.

It weighs only 248 grams and you can latch it to a backpack or a belt loop but don't be fooled by the small size of the Muzen Wild mini, the developer of the device the american company Muzen and audio claims that the device offers excellent sound quality despite its size.

Amazingly the battery lasts for six hours of continuous work while playing at its maximum volume an additional advantage is the built-in flashlight with three modes of operation including an emergency one the speaker features an all-metal body and the starting price is 69 dollars.

LA Police Gear 10-in-1 Survival Shovel

Now let's talk tools because you can't survive in an emergency situation without them the main advantage of the shovel from La Police gear company, is its versatility it takes up as much space as one tool but it will help you in a number of tasks freeing up space in your backpack.

In addition to its original purpose which is digging it can also handle cutting, chopping and sawing one side of the blade is sharp while the other features many small teeth which work like a saw thus this tool is suitable for cutting, firewood and sharpening stakes.

The hinge at the end not only facilitates storage but it's also a paracord string. Inside there's a whistle hidden in case of emergency as well as an additional blade a bottle opener and a flint rod.

If you look closely you can see a ruler on the blade to make precise measurements overall it's definitely a useful tool and it's pretty inexpensive the price starts at 30 dollars.

LifeStraw Flex

LifeStraw Flex

Water is something that we need both in the city and in the wild, at home we can always drink water from the tap but when we're far away from civilization water sources are not always at hand. The potential solution here is LifeStraw Flex a soft bottle with a built-in powerful filter.

It filters water from natural sources and turns it into pure and potable water. The filter kills bacteria and parasites removes micro plastic, lead and other heavy metals, chlorine and organic chemicals from the water not to mention dirt sand and pesticides which are obviously removed as well.

The LifeStraw Flex is a reusable more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottles thanks to its special shape the bottle is easy to store when rolled up it weighs 89 grams with the filter the volume is 0.7 liters and the price is 35 dollars.

GANZO Multi Tool

GANZO Multi Tool

If you thought that the previous tools on our list could boast amazing versatility then just wait until we tell you about the next gadget, Ganzo has created a very interesting multi-tool when folded it's 10 and a half centimeters long and in working mode it's only 16 and a half centimeters long.

Despite the fact that the pliers are very small in size the developers manage to hide a lot of items in the handles for example a bottle opener, a can opener, a knife with a smooth blade, a knife with a serrated blade and several other useful blades.

At the same time the tool weighs only 275 grams the case also has a storage compartment for screwdriver bits and the price is 44 dollars.



This invention may come in handy even if you're not a big fan of hiking, everyone can face catastrophes such as wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes and FosPower makes you feel more confident and prepared.

This is an emergency radio beacon which also works as a regular radio, a flashlight and a battery for charging gadgets it's shock proof water resistant and it can be charged by sunlight or by hand the price is 40 dollars.

Spyderco Harrier 2

Spyderco Harrier 2

If you're a fan of camping, folding knives then you've probably heard about the company Spyderco, this is a famous manufacturer which has gained popularity among its customers with a knife called the harrier.

The model was well received and became a valuable addition to fans collections so it's not surprising that the company launched a new version a year ago the folding pocket knife.

The harrier 2 was presented to the world. The tool is part of a pretty affordable line of the brand called bird the blade is made of stainless steel, the base of the handle is also made of steel and decorated with fiberglass elements.

The knife only weighs 128 grams the full length is 195 millimeters when folded it's 110 millimeters the harrier 2 from Spyderco fits even in your pocket, but the clip on the back provides additional convenience of storage the price is 48 dollars.

Procamptek Fast Fire Stick

Procamptek Fast Fire Stick

We've reached today's last invention which is definitely one of the most important survival items why, because the ability to make fire quickly thus providing yourself with warmth light and a weapon is a key factor in survival.

Fortunately today in order to master this skill you don't even need to undergo special training, all you need is the right device such as the fast fire stick by Procamptek, the invention belongs to the fourth generation of fire starters of the company.

It was first shown in late 2020 the tinder element is securely insulated with a protective shell and doesn't get wet even in bad weather. It's designed to ignite quickly too burn for a long time and give a strong flame.

The other element is a ferro rod which can be used to flint a spark with a knife just like that the Fast Fire Stick, allows you to make a fire in difficult situations on wet soil and even on ice you will have a fire in less than a minute the price is fourteen dollars.

That's my list with the honorable mentions. What's your favorite item from the list, just let us know in comment section. Till then, take care & have a nice day. .

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