Top Massive Machines ever build

Top Massive Machines ever build

What's up, guys? I'm back but, this time, it's totally different post. today I will talk about top insane & heavy machines, that you have ever seen or almost heard about.

Mankind has harnessed the power of machinery to fulfill the many needs of our society today we're taking a look at the top 15 most massive machines mankind has ever created.

So with out much talk, let's get started : -

Belez 75710

Belez 75710

If you're running a construction project or planning on moving large quantities of material from one place to another, you're going to need a hauling truck but, if you have substantial loads that need to be transported then you might just require the use of the largest one ever designed.

The BelAZ 75710 created by the Belarusian company Bella's it's the highest payload capacity haul truck available. The vehicle itself weighs 500 tonnes and can carry a further 500 tonnes of material.

It's more than 67 feet long 32 feet wide and 27 feet high and its wheelbase alone is just over 26 feet across to power this gigantic vehicle.

It uses a siemens MMT 500 drive system which is powered by two MTU 16 cylinder four-stroke diesel engines which, each produced 2300 horsepower this gives the 75710 an impressive top speed of 40 miles per hour and even when loaded on an incline of 10% it can maintain a speed of up to 25 miles per hour.

500 meter aperture spherical radio telescope

500 Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope

The 500 meter aperture spherical radio telescope or fast for short is the largest radio telescope in the world, that's made up of a fully filled in structure located in pang town county in southwest china.

It was installed in an ideally sized natural depression within the landscape at 1600 feet in diameter its surface is covered with adjustable metal panels that are controlled by computer and the feed antenna which is suspended above the dish by cables.

It can also be adjusted depending on what's being observed fast took five years to build and after opening for testing in 2016.

It took a further four years to reach full operational capacity, it's able to observe wavelengths between 4 inches and 14 feet since entering service has now detected 44 new pulsars that were previously unknown not only as fast dramatically increased researchers ability to observe the distant reaches of the universe but it also has become a visitor attraction in its own.

Right about, 10 million tourists were thought to have traveled to the remote region in 2017 to get a glimpse of the enormous dish for themselves and this has meant that those in charge of running it have had to strike a fine balance between accommodating the needs of the visitors to ensure the wider community is engaged with their aims.

While also making sure they're carrying out enough studies to make the 180 million dollar cost of the project worthwhile.

prelude flng

Prelude FLNG

oceanic oil fields around the world are covered with large drilling platforms designed to extract as much of the valuable resource as possible but, in 2013 shell launched the largest offshore facility to have ever been built known as the Prelude FLNG.

At over 1,600 feet long, 243 feet wide and containing more than 260 thousand tons of steel it has five times the water displacement of a nimitz-class aircraft carrier and an estimated cost of 13 billion dollars.

Prelude has a full-time crew of 240 and was specifically designed to work on the prelude and concierto gas fields which lie on 120 miles off the coast of Australia.

It's secured in place by 16 seabed driven steel piles that are each 213 feet long and this means it's able to withstand the worst weather that can be thrown at it including a category 5 typhoon after initially being installed in place in 2017.

Prelude began full operation in 2018 and is able to extract a hundred and ten thousand barrels per day.

A mixture of liquefied natural gas condensate and liquefied petroleum gas the sheer scale of this platform is almost unimaginable but with a projected lifespan of 25 years, it'll secure production from the valuable fields for many years to come.

la Princesse

LA Princesse

In 2008 celebrations in Liverpool, England were chosen for the unveiling of one of the largest mechanized vehicles ever made la Princesse it was designed by a French performance art company called la machine, who wanted to build a giant robot spider that could walk through the streets.

Constructed from steel, wood and complex hydraulics, it took more than a year to complete but the result was incredible, weighing in at 37 tons, it had 50 different axes of movement and with the aid of 16 cranes, six forklift trucks, eight cherry pickers and a crew of more than 250 people.

It was able to climb up and around buildings and crawl through the city at a speed of up to 2 miles per hour.

As a part of the performance it was also followed by a live band and was fitted with numerous special effects so that it was able to emit smoke fire, rain, wind, snow light and sound it's undoubtedly one of the most elaborate entertainment machines to ever be built.

One that would take incredible passion and commitment to ever aim to beat.

tradinno the robot dragon

Tradinno The Robot Dragon

The German town of Firth involved in Bavaria is also known as the dragon city and they take this association very seriously, every year a play called dragon stuff is performed through the streets based on a tradition that began as far back.

As the 16th century tells the story of st.George slaying a dragon as you'd expect the central spectacle of the play is the dragon itself and in 2001 organized decided that their prop was getting too old and worn and plans were drawn up for a giant dragon robot which would become the largest independently walking robot in the world.

It took nine years to be designed and built and took center stage during the play's performance in 2010 known as treading out the dragon, weighs 11 tonnes and is powered by a 2-liter turbo diesel engine, it has a 40 foot wingspan a huge tail and to move by remote control.

It contains more than 1,000 feet of hydraulic lines and 4,000 feet of electrical wires for added effect it can also carry seventeen and a half gallons of fake blood and two and a half gallons of liquid gas which allows the monstrous beast to bleed and breathe fire up to five feet from its mouth.

Antonov an-225 Mriya

Antonov an-225 Mriya

whenever you've traveled through an International Airport you'll quite often see aircraft that are much larger than you'd expect from the Airbus a380 to large cargo transports it almost seems impossible that they'd ever be able to lift up into the air but even they can't stand up to the heaviest plane ever build.

The Antonov an-225 Mriya only one was built in 1985, it was the result of the Soviet need to transport the burren space plane which was their equivalent of the space shuttle to carry the spacecraft to the launch center.

The Mriya needed some serious stability and power, so the 276 foot long and 60 foot tall aircraft with a 290 foot wingspan was fitted with six progress 18 turbo fans which could each generate two hundred and twenty nine point five kilonewtons of thrust.

This means that it can take off with a maximum weight of almost 1.5 million pounds and attain a cruising speed of up to 500 miles per hour.

Following the end of the Soviet shuttle program, the Mriya was mothballed for eight years but new uses soon emerged for the mega jet it's still regularly used to this day for projects ranging from delivering supplies to relief organizations around the world.

And to carry the largest pieces of air cargo such as wind turbine blades and the heaviest light generators for power plants.

overburden conveyor bridge F 60

Overburden Conveyor Bridge F 60

The lusatian coal fields in Germany are a series of mines on the country's border with Poland that produce some of the largest quantities of coal in the world having been in operation for more than a half a century.

The operators needed some heavy-duty machinery to keep running at full capacity which led to the development of the overburden conveyor bridge F 60, 65 of these monster machines were built and they're responsible for removing and transporting the overburden which lies over the coal seam out of the way.

They're fitted with excavators on each side which can remove almost 30,000 tons of material every hour and have nine conveyor belts to load onto their trucks for disposal, each one has a cutting height of 200 feet.

The vehicles themselves are 260 feet long 790 feet wide and 1647 feet long making them by far the the largest vehicles ever constructed as well as one of the heaviest with an operating weight of thirteen thousand six hundred tons to put this into perspective.

F60 is longer than the Empire State Building is tall which represents a phenomenal feat of Engineering.

seawise giant

Seawise Giant

The SeeWise giant first sets sail in 1979 and to this day remains the largest ship to have ever been built, it was designed for use as a super tanker and at fifteen hundred and four feet long was so big that it was unable to traverse the English Channel, the Suez Canal or the Panama Canal.

When fully loaded the displacement was more than 650,000 tons and the bottom of the hull would submerge up to 81 feet beneath the water's surface building such a large vessel, didn't come without its problems though.

Initially the SeeWise giant suffered from vibrations that were such a concern that, the company that had commissioned it refused delivery following a refit had performed closer to how it was meant to and had 46 tanks for crude oil and an enormous 230 tonne rudder and a 50 ton propeller.

This allowed it to reach a top speed of 16 and a half knots which is the equivalent to 19 miles per hour that had a turning circle of 2 miles and needed five and a half miles to come to a full stop from that speed throughout its operational life.

The ship changed hands a number of times and was even sunk during the iran-iraq war in 1988 after being salvaged and fixed it continued in service and was finally scrapped in 2010. When smaller but faster vessels proved to be far more economical.

Taisun crane

Taisun Crane

Ports around the world are dealing with bigger ships and larger loads so it have to keep up with technology to be able to service them at the untie raffle shipyard in jung-tae China, the largest crane in the world was built to not only handle cargo but to assist with the construction of the super cruisers of the future known as the Taisun Crane.

It's rated to handle loads of up to 20,000 tons and holds the record for the three heaviest lifts by a crane of all time it was originally designed to install modules on top of ship hulls that had been built else-where and soon became the go-to place for anyone wanting to build a giant tanker at 393 feet wide and 436 feet tall.

It's able to service even the most complicated of needs with a 262 foot lift height.

schewer gustav

Schewer Gustav

Schewer Gustav was possibly the most frightening weapon ever developed and holds the record for being the largest caliber rifled weapon ever deployed in combat and the heaviest mobile artillery machine ever constructed.

It was to be that Nazis war turning weapon and was just to turn a fortune that meant it wasn't possible for them to use as often as they would have hoped, weighing fourteen hundred and ninety tons it was transported on the back of a train car and it was able to fire 7.7 ton shells to a distance of up to 29 miles.

It was 155 feet long with a barrel length of a hundred and six feet and took a crew of 250 people, three days to set up once it was in position 14:31 inch rounds could be fired per day with a muzzle velocity of up to 2,700 feet per second and anything that stood in its way was obliterated.

The only time it was used effectively however was during the Battle of Sevastopol against the Soviet Union and during this mission.

The Gustav successfully destroyed a munitions depot that it was hidden 98 feet beneath ground level, the weapon was eventually destroyed by German troops.

Before the end of the Second World War to prevent it from falling into Russian hands and luckily no-one has ever felt the need to recreate such a weapon since.

Komatsu D575A super dozer

Komatsu D575A Super Dozer

The Komatsu D575A is the largest bulldozer in production and it's so powerful that it's the preferred piece of machinery at surface mines across the U.S. Canada and Australia at 38 feet and five inches long and 16 feet tall it's able to move as much as a hundred and twenty-five cubic yards of material on each.

Pass and can dig to a depth of up to seven feet to do this the 168 ton vehicle is powered by a 12 cylinder four-stroke diesel engine that can produce eleven hundred and fifty horsepower and it's so big that it can't simply drive itself to a new work site.

it has to be dismantled and transported on up to eight trucks before being reassembled at the other end.

panzer VIII maus

Panzer VIII Maus

The German military devoted huge resources towards developing powerful weapons and had a particular interest in creating the biggest war machines ever invented this led to the creation of the Panza eight Maus which remains the largest fully enclosed armoured fighting vehicle ever.

Conceived only one full Maus was ever completed and it never entered service because it was captured by the Soviets before it was operational but had they ever made it to the battlefields.

They would have been almost unstoppable at 33 feet and 6 inches long 12 feet and 2 inches wide and just under 12 feet tall the 207 ton vehicle required a 6 man crew to operate.

Which included a commander, a gunner, two loaders, a driver and a radio operator it could reach a top speed of 14 miles per hour over virtually any terrain but because, it was so heavy it wasn't able to use bridges and instead had to cross rivers and was equipped with a snorkel so it could submerge to depths.

Of up to 26 feet the Maus was intended as a breakthrough tank which could have punched holes in enemy defenses without taking much damage itself and almost certainly would have changed the face of the war if it had ever properly entered service.

Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider

To understand and unlock the strangest mysteries of the universe requires not only a deep knowledge of physics but also the equipment that enables the necessary experiments to take place that was the reason behind the construction of the Large Hadron Collider which enables scientists to confirm the existence of an elusive particle called the Higgs boson.

Simply put the LHC is a particle collider that is used to accelerate particles to astonishing speeds and at its maximum output and shoot protons around that 17 mile tunnel at just six point eight miles per hour slower than the speed of light the tunnel is lined with electromagnets to control this process which make it by far the largest machine ever built.

It is also one of the most productive since opening in 2010 the seven detectors have achieved all they've set out to do and more and now plans are in motion to replace it with an even bigger Collider that can further the answers of the questions that have been raised as a result of what the LHC is found.

bertha tunnel borer

Bertha Tunnel Borer

The Alaskan Way Viaduct is a crucial transport artery through Seattle but following the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake it became clear that the double-decker freeway posed a safety hazard plans were put in place to build a replacement rather than constructing a new road above ground.

The decision was made to carve a huge tunnel under downtown Seattle to connect the southern part of the city to the north this result was the state route 99 tunnel which is two miles long and has double decked.

And is capable of accommodating the hundred and ten thousand vehicles that use the original viaduct each day and more the problem that the designers had to overcome was a construction of the tunnel.

However it was, that there wasn't a machine on earth big enough to do what they needed part of the project therefore involved designing a new tunnel borer, which became known as Bertha and was the most massive one ever built, the 6700 ton machine had a cutter head diameter of 57 and a half feet and was 326 feet long at a cost of 80 million dollars.

It had to be built at specialist factories in Japan before being shipped to Seattle and 41 parts and constructed at the entrance to the plant tunnel it began work in July of 2013 and despite encountering several delays it completed its job by April of 2017 as there was no further use for Bertha.

However the machine was dismantled at the end of the route and only a few of the parts are still in existence and are now at display at a local Transportation Museum as a record of the huge effort it took to create the tunnel that millions of people rely upon each year.

the international space station

The International Space Station

first launched in 1998, the International Space Station isn't the largest machine or vehicle ever built but it's definitely one of the most impressive things ever designed by humankind and has sent plenty of records of its own.

It's actually the ninth of the eleven space stations that have entered Earth's orbit but is by far the biggest of them all with a modular design extra pieces have regularly been sent up to attach to it and currently it's 239 point 4 feet long and 7.5 feet wide.

It was built and is run as an international collaboration between most of the nations on earth that are involved in space exploration and is an important tool for scientific research for both studies of the effects of microgravity and of understanding the wider universe.

Due to its position in orbit, the most impressive record that the ISS holds is that it's the fastest moving vehicle that any human has set foot inside, it circles the earth once every 2.68 minutes which means it's traveling at an astonishing 17,000 miles per hour.

Even if it was possible to reach this speed at ground level you'd be able to travel from New York to Sydney Australia in just 35 minutes.

That's my list with the honorable mentions. What's your favorite machine from the list, just let us know in comment section. Till then, take care & have a nice day. .

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